There are several activities that we offer the customer in Freeze & Store. 

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Frozen storage -22 ° C

Our 4 freezer rooms together can accommodate more than 14,000 pallets. The stock is accurately recorded on the entry date, expiration date, lot number and / or pallet number. Every pallet can be traced at any time.

Bulk storage -22 ° C

In some of the freezer rooms, certain goods are stacked on top of each other in bulk. We have room for around 4,000 bins.

Cold storage +4 ° C to +15 ° C

In addition to freezer rooms, there are also 2 cold stores with a total storage capacity of 400 pallets. The temperature can be set from +4 ° C to +15 ° C.


Orders can be prepared by putting together pallets with different products.


We have 6 loading quays to unload products and possibly load directly onto another truck.

Dry storage

About 200 pallets can be stored in the warehouse.